Platinum IV Menu 

Reception hors d’oeuvres ~

  • Lime & Ginger Grilled Digby Island Pink Shell Swimming Scallops (Served on the half shell)
  • Roasted Coconut & Chinese Five Spice Prawns
  • Lemberger Poached Bosch Pears served on baguettes

Pinot Noir Course~

  • Seared & marinated Tuna Loin with a Ponzu Cream, on a bed of pan-fried soba noodles
    (Ponzu: Soy sauce, lemon juice, rice wine vinegar, bonito flakes)

Special Cabernet Franc Course ~

  • Grilled Rack Lamb Chop with a Tarragon, Black Plum, & Horseradish Cream
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Wilted Spinach

Cabernet Sauvignon Course~

  • Grilled NY Strip Loin Steak Filets (Thinly sliced)
  • Chanterelle Mushroom, Arugula, and Roasted Garlic Salad on top of Puff Pastry Square.¬† (Shaved Parmesan cheese & fresh cracked pepper and drizzle of olive oil on top.)

Syrah Course~

  • Savory Mint Poached Chicken Breast with a Dark Chocolate Mole & Bing Cherry Sauce
  • Lemon Saffron Risotto

Dessert ~

  • Baked Fresh Figs and Roasted Pistachios with Orange Mascarpone Cheese (With hints of cinnamon, honey & orange zests)